Kylie Jenner Posts "Straight Outta Bed" Pic, Crops Out Makeup-Free Face

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Kylie Jenner may not have been in the spotlight as long as her older sisters, but when it comes to social media, she could teach her whole family a lesson.

You see, if Kylie wants to post a pic to Instagram but she doesn't like a certain aspect of the shot, she doesn't risk falling victim to a Kardashian Photoshop disaster, she just crops that thing to pieces:

Kylie Jenner in Sweats

Kylie captioned the above pic, "Straight outta bed," and based on the attire, we believe her.

Sources say Kylie went fully makeup free while running her early morning errands, but sadly, she cut off her head to save her face.

What this means, of course, is that a valuable piece of evidence that could have been used to help solve the mystery of Kylie's giant lips has been destroyed:

Kylie's denied plastic surgery rumors on several occasions, claiming that plumped-up pucker is just the result of creative use of lip liner.

That's kinda hard to verify, since Kylie is rocking heavy makeup in pretty much every selfie that she posts these days.

But hey, we guess the important thing is, even when Kylie just woke up, she still keeps it fresh. Her boots match the paint job on her truck, and those sweatpants probably cost more than we make in a year. Who needs a face with swag like that? 

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