Kylie Jenner: In LOVE With Tyga?!

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Generally, Kylie Jenner's most noteworthy Instagram posts are the ones in which she's wearing next to nothing and testing the boundaries of acceptable behavior for a 17-year-old.

A pic that Kylie uploaded yesterday, however, has us saying WTF?! for an entirely different reason:

Kylie Jenner Rings Photo

Kylie posted the pic above with a caption that reads simply, "LOVE."

As you may have heard, Kylie is dating Tyga, though the couple has been doing their best to keep the relationship on the down-low, due to their potentially criminal age difference. (She's 17; he's 25.)

Last week, Kylie posted a racy selfie that many believed to be a shout out to her secret boo. Now, some are speculating that that's Tyga's hand wearing a ring that matches Kylie's.

Of course, it's hard to tell from the pic who that hand belongs too. It may well be one of Kylie's female friends and the matching rings could be their way of showing that they're besties for life or some crap.

Either way, it seems that in recent weeks, Kylie's taken to posting pics and messages that acknowledge her much older boyfriend while still maintaining a degree of plausible deniability.

Fortunately, the rings are pretty understated, which leads us to believe this is not a confirmation of the rumor that Kylie and Tyga are engaged. Let's at least try to make it to 2015 before we give Bruce Jenner a heart attack, shall we?

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