Kylie Jenner Credits Kim Kardashian For Helping Her "Go From Good Girl to Ghetto"

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Over the years we've watched Kylie Jenner morph from the Kardashian sisters' shy little sis into the Queen of the Inappropriate Selfie.

Despite the fact that Kylie is still only 17 she's had her lips inflated like a hot air balloon, she posts shockingly revealing pics with suggestive captions online, and she can currently be seen bouncing around in her bra in a Beats by Dre commercial.

Needless to say, the girl has grown up fast. Too fast. And it looks as though we finally know who to blame:

Kylie Jenner Red Carpet Pic
Kylie Jenner Text
Kim Kardashian Accentuates Breasts

Kim posted the screenshot in the middle to her Instagram page yesterday (which is weird, because Kim's birthday was back in October, but whatever), and she captioned it #GoodGirltoGhetto

We're not sure what that means exactly, since Kylie is about as ghetto as a bowl of corn flakes, but we're guessing the littlest Jenner has started thinking of herself as a young Kim in the making.

For example, just like her big sis, Kylie is dating a rapper and is incredibly famous for seemingly no reason. 

Kim is one of the most recognizable and envied women on the planet and it makes perfect sense that Kylie wants to be just like her. The problem is, Kim is obviously encouraging her to follow in her footsteps instead of urging her to wait a few years.

Ya know what Kim Kardashian was up to when she was 17? Neither does anybody else because she wasn't famous yet!!!

Mrs. West already has an ego to match her giant, famous badonkadonk. Can you imagine how arrogant she'd be if she'd been famous since childhood?!

Instead of boasting about what an awesomely bad influence she is on her much younger sister, Kim should be offering Kylie words of wisdom, starting with, "If you want to date a rapper wait until you reach an age where it won't be a felony in 36 states!"

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