Kylie Jenner and Tyga: Caught on Date By Paparazzi!

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No one knows exactly when Kylie Jenner and Tyga started dating, but by most accounts they've been together for several months.

So it's a bit surprising that we haven't seen them out on the town more often.

Sure, Kylie and Tyga traveled to Europe together, but they've mostly kept it on the down-low stateside, and for good reason. (She's 17 and he's 25, after all.)

In the past, they've been shut down while trying to party together, such as when Kylie was banned from a club where Tyga was scheduled to make an appearance, because...ya know, she's 17.

So it's a big deal that Tylie stepped out for what was supposed to be a quiet, intimate dinner last night. But unfortunately (or fortunately, if you think Tyga's cradle-robbing is super gross), they were busted thanks to some car trouble:

Yes, Kylie and Tyga attempted a quick getaway, but they were thwarted when a valet couldn't figure out how to open the scissor doors on Tyga's Lamborghini.

We guess that would make it the first time a six-figure Lambo nearly ruined a date. They usually have the opposite effect.

Anyway, T-Raw and Kylizzle both very clearly wanted nothing to do with the paps, and who could blame them?

It's a good thing they canceled To Catch a Predator, or Tyga might have wound up facing off with an even more aggressive camera crew.

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