Kendra Wilkinson to Hank Baskett: Did You WANT to Have Sex With a Transsexual or No?!

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In a sneak peek from Friday night's Kendra on Top: The Untold Story, Kendra Wilkinson asks Hank Baskett point blank what we've all been wondering for 15 episodes.

We still won't likely get the whole story. Who are we kidding.

Still, it's interesting to see this clip from Kendra on Top Season 3 Episode 16, in which she asks whether he went over to Ava London's place to cheat on her or not ...

"Just tell me this much ... am I stupid for staying with you?" Kendra asks her husband. "Was this your way of wanting out of this marriage? Do you want out?"

"Kendra, I want to tell you," Hank responds, fighting back tears.

"You don't know how bad ... I just don't know how to tell you."

Those who watch Kendra on Top online know that this has been the case from the onset, despite an entire season based around his purported infidelity.

We've never actually heard him confirm or deny any of it!

Well, now we have. After Kendra Wilkinson asks him if he wants out, she goes even further, "did you go there to intend to, um, have sex with a transsexual."

"No ... no."

That's it. Kendra says "well, that's the first step," but don't expect to see the second tonight. The pair has been tight lipped about Ava London from the start.

London has given lengthy accounts of her alleged tryst with Baskett, who has said literally nothing about it. Kendra has vaguely implied he was "set up."

The entire thing has felt off from the start. While it's likely that Hank did something, it's never been clear what, and the show has milked it to a ridiculous extent.

Last month's Season 3 finale, in which Wilkinson decided to take Baskett back, drew a series-high 1.6 million viewers for WEtv, so clearly their plan worked.

We'll see what else, if anything, is revealed on Part 2 of The Untold Story tonight, and what scandal they can come up with for Season 4 next year ...

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