Kendra Wilkinson on Hank Baskett Cheating Scandal, Aftermath: I Wanted to Off Myself!

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Kendra Wilkinson was so crushed by Hank Baskett (allegedly) cheating on her that she briefly thought about taking her own life, the reality star admits.

In this Friday's part one of a two-part, season-ending post-mortem of WE tv's Kendra on Top, Wilkinson talks about the impact of Hank's alleged infidelity.

Why do we keep saying "alleged"? Because neither of them have confirmed or denied he did anything, nor has Baskett ever told his side of the story.

All we're left with are claims made by Ava London and Kendra freaking out on television, only to conveniently get back together with him in the season finale.

There are so many holes in this it's ridiculous, making you wonder how much of this is embellished or full-on fabricated. Alas, we may never truly know.

Kendra says she was so upset by what happened - whatever it was - that she "questioned her life," however, and only her newborn daughter saved her.

"I was at a real low," Wilkinson says. "I even questioned my life."

"If it wasn't for breastfeeding Alijah, the bond I had with her, I feel like I would have probably ended my life. I felt like I'm not even supposed to be here."

If you watch Kendra on Top online, you know she welcomed Hank back into her life after he quasi-proposed at the end of the show two Fridays ago.

But there's work to be done. They will not let us forget this fact.

Tomorrow night's show marks Wilkinson's first on-camera interview with Baskett since the scandal broke about his ALLEGED affair with a transsexual.

The episode also includes new footage from their troubled year.

Alas, there's probably nothing actually new in it, and they will still likely never tell us what Hank did or did not do with his model acquaintance with a penis.

Still, we will tune in and look for clues, like the suckers we are.

Now if there were a sneak peek of the Kendra Wilkinson sex tape that's reportedly out there, that would be worth tuning in for, are we right fellas?!

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