Kendra on Top Season 3 Episode 16 Recap: Did Hank Baskett and Ava London Hook Up or Not?!

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After 15 episodes of buildup, Kendra on Top Season 3 Episode 16 finally saw Wilkinson ask husband Hank Baskett point blank if he hooked up with Ava London.

What was his response on the concluding half of Kendra on Top: The Untold Story?

Like last week, Kendra on Top Season 3 Episode 16 served as a postmortem of sorts for the just-wrapped season, one which ended with her taking him back.

Yet despite the entire season being based around his alleged mutual hand relief session with a transsexual, only now are we seeing the couple talk about it.

There's been plenty of beating around the bush regarding the supposed beating of ... well, you know. But finally, at long last, we heard Kendra ask aloud:

Did Hank want to cheat with a transsexual or not, man?! Does he want out?!

He answers her in the negative, but that's about it. She says it's the first step.

Even then, he won't reveal the details of what happened, and the all-important reason Hank gives for not doing so is that he has to know how she’ll react.

If she's going to be cool, he'll open up. If she’s going to be confrontational?

Well, then he's just not comfortable telling her exactly what happened with Ava London. So Kendra ... tell him it's okay and everything will be alright first!

Because that's realistic when you supposedly cheat on your wife, Hank.

All the woman wants, really is to hear it from Hank personally.

Not just for clarity, and for the sake of having no more secrets so she can move on, and not just because she doesn't want to hear only Ava London's side.

Wilkinson wants to know that this was a one-time thing, whatever it was, and that he doesn't have a fetish for seeking out girls with penises online.

She doesn't say it quite so bluntly, but isn't it obvious? And is it that unreasonable in her position to be pretty darn curious - and pissed - about this now?

Besides Hank's non-answers, if you watch Kendra on Top online this week it will be pretty much a recap of all that went down in the previous few months.

The main takeaway? Kendra and Hank have lost the innocence forever.

It's not over, but they're now a partnership, a husband and wife working on things, rather than lovers destined to be together in their perfect harmony.

The best they can do is get back to that place, and rebuild their relationship. So in hindsight, Kendra feels as though Hank’s alleged affair was good for them.

OMG! Well, congratulations then you guys!

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