Kanye West: REFUSING to Take Time Off Work to Spend Holidays With Kim Kardashian?

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A husband and wife's first holiday as a married couple should be a joyous time, but for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, it's been nothing but headaches.

Of course, Kim probably should've expected that when she married Kanye, aka The Human Headache.

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First, Kim and Kanye spent Thanksgiving apart. Pretty rough, considering they just got married in May and they have an 18-month-old daughter together, but hey, they have hectic work schedules (or so we're told).

Besides, it's not like Kanye would blow off his wife and daughter two holidays in a row, right?

Well, only if you count Christmas as a holiday.

Yes, rumors of Kim and Kanye spending Christmas apart began to circulate last week, as Kanye was still in Paris working on his new album as recently as Sunday.

In a last-minute holiday miracle, however, Yeezus touched down at LAX yesterday...so that he could convince Kim to ditch Kris Jenner and come join him in Paris for Christmas.

Yes, the couple had planned to spend the week in LA with Kim's family, but Yeezy called a last-minute audible and declared that his wife and daughter would be returning with him to Paris. (We're pretty sure he's actually Napoleon at this point.)

But the dickish change of itinerary isn't even the best part of all this. Apparently, Kanye basically plans to be in the studio for the entire time that Kim and North are with him in Paris.

"He's never around, that's the problem," a source tells Radar Online. "For the holidays, she's told him he has to spend time off with her and the baby and he's not willing to do it and it's causing a rift right now."

"When they got married, the deal was they'd spend time together with the baby. But he hasn't kept up that promise. He's super busy and continuing his crazy schedule."

Sad, but again, it's hard to feel bad for either of these two. They both had the opportunity to do way more research about each other than most married couples.

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