Kanye West Ditches Kim Kardashian and North West at Disney on Ice!

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If you didn't believe the first reports about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West hitting a "rough patch" in their marriage, then maybe Kanye's recent behavior will convince you.

First Kanye ditched Kim on Thanksgiving to attend to some unspecified work obligation. Then, they allegedly spent a month apart, again, due to Kanye's hectic schedule.

Now, there are rumors circulating the web that Yeezy ditched Kim and his 18-month-old daughter during some scheduled family time at Disney on Ice. 

Serious Kimye

His reason? You guessed it - work! 

"Kanye bailed after 30 minutes because he had work commitments," a source tells Radar Online. "Kim was absolutely furious with Kanye for leaving after only such a short period of time."

"Kim was embarrassed by Kanye's actions. Luckily, she had friends there to support her, and tried to keep the focus on North. In the end, Kim ended up leaving before the show ended too, because she was in a bad mood."

Well, we guess that's what happens when you marry a guy who famously said, "Let's have a toast to the jerk-offs that'll never take work off."

Or maybe that was Shakespeare. We get Shakespeare and Yeezy confused sometimes. We're sure Yeezy does too.

Anyway, the source confirms that Kim and 'Ye "aren't in a very good place right now. Hey, maybe we'll get to see that $250 million divorce, after all!

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