Justin Bieber Christmas Gift: A Private Plane!!!

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So... what did you get for Christmas? New sneakers? A sweater? Some video games?

Justin Bieber got a private plane.

Or so it appears, at least.

Justin Bieber Plane Photo

"Merry Christmas," Bieber wrote alongside a photo of the luxurious interior of a jet yesterday. "She's a beauty."

She sure is! The vehicle features shiny paneled walls, cream-colored leather seats and gold pillows.

It's unclear just who presented this expensive item to Bieber, but private plans are not cheap. He probably gifted it to himself.

It's also unclear whether Bieber really deserves this sort of gift, considering the sort of year he just underwent. From drunk driving to egg throwing, it wasn't exactly Justin's finest hour.

Elsewhere, Justin has reportedly been trying to woo Selena Gomez back, as various sources claim he's been text messaging his on-again/off-again girlfriend over the past few weeks.

Will she be able to resist someone who looks like this with his shirt off? We'll find out in 2015, folks!

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