Justin Bieber: THG Celebrity of the Year #2!

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2014 did not get off to a strong start for Justin Bieber.

In January, the artist was arrested for drunk driving and drag racing in Miami, though he eventually agreed to a plea deal and avoided jail time.

This incident marked the beginning of a lengthy run in which Bieber went from America's male sweetheart... to a total and complete douchebag.

So, how did he end up at THG's Celebrity of the Year #2? Because he never stopped making headlines during this time.

The plea deal Bieber reached for driving recklessly was not the only plea deal he made in 2014.

The irresponsible singer also agreed to pay his neighbor a lot of money for egging the guy's house. On multiple other occasions, Bieber's bodyguards were accused of assaulting photographers who dared to snap their employer's photo.

More often than not, Bieber was believed to have ordered these men to do so.

When Justin wasn't violating the law or reportedly telling his entourage to act like criminals, he was hanging out with Chris Brown. Or skateboarding through Los Angeles traffic.

Or hanging out in the locker room of various sports teams. Or dyeing his hair platinum.

In short, Bieber was doing practically everything except the reason he rose to fame in the first place: music making.

On a personal level, Bieber dated Selena Gomez. And then he didn't. And then he did again. And then he didn't.

In between, Justin was linked romantically to a number of models, including both (?!?!?) Jenner sisters. More recently, some have said he's dating Hailey Baldwin, despite a denial from both sides.

Despite a lack of new music, Bieber must be doing something right: He's the highest paid celebrity under 30.

And, according to DoSomething.org, he also ranks in the top 20 for charitable stars.

Looking ahead, however, we hope to see Justin Bieber once again make this list in 2015; preferably for entertainment-based reasons more than law-breaking-based reasons.

Or he could just continue to take his shirt off a lot. That would also work for us.

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