Jessa Duggar Pregnant? Photos, Food Comments Spark Rumors on Instagram

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Is Jessa Duggar, who got married November 1, already expecting her first child? That's the rumor going around Duggar family blogs and celebrity gossip sites.


The reasons? You're probably not going to believe them, but then again, considering what started that whole supposed Jill Duggar-Jessa Duggar feud ...

Ben Seewald, Jessa Seewald
Ben Seewald and Jessa Seewald

You wouldn't normally assume that her new husband, Ben Seewald got Jessa Duggar pregnant already, but if you consider the circumstantial "evidence" ...

  • She's gushing about fast food on Instagram! Craving alert!!
  • She's only posting photos from the chest up (see above)!!
  • These are the Duggars (see Jim Bob/Michelle, Josh & Jill)
  • Jessa and Ben supposedly love to bone around the clock

It's not far fetched, in other words. But it was a trip to Chick-fil-A that really ramped up the speculation, for whatever reason, among fans of the famous family.

“I had to have a bite of Ben’s Spicy Deluxe w/ Pepper Jack,” Duggar wrote.

“Add a little Texas Pete, and *WOW!* Your taste buds will be in heaven!”

Sounds like a pregnancy craving ... or someone who loves Chick-fil-A.

Which is certainly understandable, as that sandwich sounds awesome, and considering that they don't smoke, drink or do drugs, is probably even more likely.

As for the fact that she's only photographed from the chest up in recent posts, even if she were pregnant, she wouldn't show yet, so that's likely coincidence.

Jessa and Ben became tabloid staples this year following a number of controversies, one of which involved them having sex at the church after their wedding.

The couple reportedly looks at sex as a gift from God that they can't wait to open every chance they get. That can't hurt when it comes to getting knocked up.

We still have no idea if she is, of course. But at least publicly, we can tell you that the new Mrs. Ben Seewald and her sister Jill Dillard (nee Duggar) are A-O-K.

She recently posted a nice picture with Jill, captioning it as such:

“So thankful for this sweet girl! Jill, you’re such an amazing example to me of what it means to be a loving wife! I love you so much!! So blessed to call you my sister.”

Will they be pregnant together, if only for a brief moment in time? That remains to be seen, but they appear to have quashed the beef ... if there was a beef.

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