Iggy Azalea Describes Abusive Relationship With Hefe Wine in Shocking Court Documents

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If you're not familiar with Hefe Wine, he's the douchebag that's been threatening to release an Iggy Azalea sex tape, only to find himself blocked by her lawyers at every turn.

Finally realizing that he won't be able to get rich from the porn he made with Iggy while she was still in her teens (Yeah, he's pretty gross.) Hefe - real name Maurice Williams - is now taking a different approach to exploiting the "Fancy" rapper.

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Mr. Wine is apparently in possession of a hard drive that contains verses Iggy recorded when she was 18 - long before she hit it big with her latest album.

Iggy doesn't want the music to go public, and she's asking a judge to prevent Hefe from selling it. In her petition to the court, Iggy makes it clear that being exploited by Hefe Wine is nothing new to her:

"[Williams'] efforts to exploit the material he stole from me also are an extremely upsetting extension of the abuse he inflicted on me when I was a teenager," Iggy writes in a sworn statement.

"I do not want the public to be confused by the defendant's efforts to pass off the inferior pastiches of a scoundrel as my work...I never intended those recordings to be finished musical works."

Iggy says Hefe took advantage of her when she was living in Houston in 2008:

"I was running out of money and thought I would have to return home to Australia. Williams convinced me to stay by promising to furnish a vacant property that he owned for me to live in."

"Almost immediately after I moved my things into his apartment Williams became aggressive and possessive and made unwelcome sexual advances."

Iggy says Williams forced her to cut off contact with the outside world. She soon learned that he was much older than her, married with several children, and not - as he had claimed - a wealthy oil tycoon.

Iggy fled the US for her native Australia, but returned to live in Atlanta less than a year later. She says she was shocked when Williams tracked her down there and continued to force his way into her life.

When her music began to find a following online, Williams started uploading tracks to iTunes. Iggy says it was mainly songs he'd cobbled together from her discarded verses and his own attempts at rapping.

Her lawyers managed have the songs removed, but now Williams is fighting to release them again.

This is far from the first time that the wannabe-rapper/con artist has attempted to get rich through his association with Iggy.

Earlier this year, Hefe tried to "divorce" Iggy, even though they were never married. (Naturally, he asked the court for spousal support.)

After that, he claimed that Iggy gave him chlamydia and attempted to sell an interview on the subject. Like we said, the guy's a class-act.

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