Home Alone Cast: Where Are They Now?

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Well, it's Christmastime, which means crowded malls, in-laws, travel expenses...Wait, why does anyone like this holiday again?

Oh, right, the movies! (And the office parties that provide an acceptable excuse to get sloshed in the presence of your co-workers, but that's a different story.)

Yes, everyone has a favorite Christmas movie, but amongst all the Griswolds and Grinches, no holiday film stands out for its enduring, inter-generational appeal quite like Home Alone.

It's a family film in which the main character hates his family. It's a kids' movie in which Joe Pesci suffers a series of gruesome injuries, a la any number of Scorsese films.

Perhaps that's why it's the one film (and depending on your family, the one thing) that everyone can agree on during the holidays.

Sure, the old folks prefer It's a Wonderful Life; the kids want some creepy stop-motion BS; and your  48-year-old uncle who still plays with blocks wants to watch Larry the Cable Guy in Jingle All the Way 2, for some reason.

But Home Alone is the one film that gets everyone to cease their incessant griping and enjoy time with family the way that it was meant to be enjoyed - in silence.

The flick's got something for everyone. Name another Christmas movie that features a variety of sadistic booby traps, as well as an ingenious attempt to give a poor pizza delivery guy a coronary event. ("Keep the change, ya filthy animal!")

That was a rhetorical challenge. There is no other family-friendly Christmas movie that so gleefully thumbs it's nose at the spirit of the season, yet still delivers the requisite heartwarming message.

As a bonus, it's given us such timeless web gems as Home Alone meets Argo and of course, Home Alone reeanacted by pugs.

But while Macaulay Culkin skyrocketed to fame and went on to form a pizza-themed Velvet Underground tribute band (Is he making amends for effing with that delivery guy?), not all of the cast has been so lucky.

Even Joe Pesci - who was arguably the most recognized of the film's stars at the time of its release - has done just about bupkis in terms of real acting work in recent years. (Unless you count Snickers commercials, which we do.)

Check out the gallery above to see what the stars of Home Alone have been up to in the 24 years since the film's release.

There are some stunners here, so don't be surprised if you wind up slapping your hands on your cheeks and shrieking in adorable fashion.

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