Farrah Abraham: Returning to Teen Mom After All?!

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Despite publicly parting ways with MTV after her, ahem, career change last year, could Farrah Abraham be on her way back to Teen Mom after all?

Perhaps it's a marriage of convenience for both parties.

Farrah Abraham's Lips

MTV needs ratings with Leah Messer quitting Teen Mom 2 and leaving that show's future in doubt. As for Farrah? Maybe her 15 minutes are running out.

It would be a rather stunning reversal, and yet not in the least.

Sure as Farrah Abraham got fired from Teen Mom when her former co-stars threatened to revolt otherwise, she dissed the show and claimed it was her call to move on.

If she was telling the truth then (this is the same woman who claimed her high production porn was a "leaked" sex tape mind you), boy have things changed.

According to reports, the 23-year-old has been "calling the production crew nonstop" about making a return to Teen Mom return during the coming season.

Are they interested? That's very far from clear at this point.

Either way, she recently put her Austin mansion up for sale, so perhaps that stripper gig and frozen food restaurant venture didn't pan out as planned.

And that Christian horror film she's supposedly starring in?

That can't pay a lot. As intriguing as it is in concept, especially if Farrah gets mauled on screen in it, the market for the genre just can't be super high.

Hey, she recently quashed her beef with Catelynn Lowell on Couples Therapy, so perhaps the Backdoor Teen Mom star really can go home again.

What do you think? Would you like to see Farrah on Teen Mom? And would it increase or decrease your interest if she wore this during the premiere?

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