Farrah Abraham Highlights 5-Year-Old Daughter's Hair: No Big Deal or WTF?!

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Farrah Abraham has made some questionable parenting choices over the years:

The world cringed in horror upon learning that Farrah's daughter would be homeschooled, but we all breathed a sigh of relief when she announced that she'd hired a tutor to educate 5-year-old Sophia.

That still doesn't make up for Farrah talking about her daughter's future sex tape, but at least we know that (for the most part) the former teen mom has got her daughter's best interests at heart.

That means providing a safe and happy household, being the best stripper role model she can be, and, of course, making sure Sophia's hair is the envy of every first-grader:

Farrah Abraham, Sophia Christmas Photo

Farrah tweeted the above photo last week, and eagle-eyed Abra-haters (there are several million on Twitter) were quick to point out that it looks as though Sophia's hair has been highlighted.

Those light-verging-on-blonde streaks don't appear in Sophia's hair in any other photos, but it could just be the lighting in this particular pic.

However, Farrah has taken a considerable amount of flak online and has yet to respond in any way, which means, yeah, she totally highlighted her 5-year-old's hair.

Before you get outraged, we'd like to remind you that this is the woman her said in public that her daughter will probably have a sex tape someday!

So yeah, a questionable decision regarding her daughter's hair doesn't crack the top 10,000 on the list of awful things Farrah has done.

Watch Teen Mom online to see more of Ms. Abraham being a ridiculous human.

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