Duggar Family "Does Not Approve" of Extended Family Members' Lifestyle, Sources Say

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Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar do not approve of their daughter-in-law Anna Duggar's sister Susanna Keller and her liberal lifestyle, according to reports.

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Essentially, Susanna Keller has been ostracized from the family, and if they do come face-to-face with her, the single mom must follow a set of rules.

A friend of the 22-year-old mother of Noelle, nearly 2, says the family was upset when the little girl started dancing at a Duggar family event last summer.

While the younger Duggar siblings were singing in a Texas hotel room, Noelle began to dance. “She was dancing around, it was so adorable,” the friend says.

But not to the 19 Kids and Counting clan: “The Duggars started laughing nervously. It was obvious that they felt very uncomfortable with me allowing her to dance.”

The Duggars deemed dancing “too sensual.”

Susanna’s parents Mike and Suzette have accepted their daughter’s decision to live a modern life as a single mother, unlike the pregnant Anna Duggar.

Anna, who married Josh Duggar in 2009 and is now expecting their fourth child together, adheres to the Duggars strict Christian fundamentalist values.

In other words ... none of this stuff:

According to insiders, the sisters rarely talk, but got together over Thanksgiving weekend at their parents’ Florida home, when their personalities clashed.

Apparently, Susanna made plans to go on a date with a man she knew from church as a teenager, and Anna was upset because she doesn't approve of dating.

The Duggar family dating rules, as many who watch 19 Kids and Counting online know well, basically stipulate that there is no dating. Only "courting."

Also, the man happened to be nine years older and divorced, which didn't help matters. “Anna had a terrible time with it,” the family insider tells Radar.

Anna "begged Susanna not to go, and even tried to pay her to cancel the date," but a headstrong Susanna met up with the man despite her pleas.

The most awkward part? “When she got back, Anna acted like nothing had happened,” the source recalls. “She said, ‘Oh, I didn’t even realize you were gone!’”

The Duggar family, you may recall, once welcomed Susanna with open arms, but shunned her when she left home at 18 and got pregnant out of wedlock.

She now balances a full-time job at a chemistry company with raising her daughter on her own. Relations with Anna and family remain dicey at best.

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