Christopher Walken: Questioned By Police in Natalie Wood Death Investigation, Source Claims

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Last week, the National Enquirer reported that a police investigation into the death of actress Natalie Wood had revealed that Wood caught her husband Robert Wagner in bed with Christopher Walken on the night that she drowned.

Naturally, this revelation bolstered suspicions that Wagner was involved in Wood's death. 

Officially, Wagner is still not a suspect, and he has chosen not to involve himself in the re-opened investigation into the events that led to Wood falling from a yacht and drowning in 1981.

Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner
Christopher Walken Photo

Walken, on the other hand, has reportedly spoken with police on several occasions, and may have even accompanied investigators to the scene of Wood's death in order to help them recreate the events of that fateful night:

"Christopher Walken did sit down with detectives at least two times," a source tells the National Enquirer.

"The interviews were brief, because he had no new information to reveal...Mr. Walken also let it be known that if more questions needed to be answered he would be willing to [meet with police again]."

The source states that the yacht's captain has also spoken with police, and investigators are frustrated by Wagner's continued refusal to speak with them.

"Of course detectives would like to speak with Mr. Wagner about that night," says the insider. "He is the only person on the boat that isn't dead that hasn't agreed to talk."

"There was information that was brought to the attention of investigators that caused the case to be re-opened. It still remains open."

Police re-launched the investigation into Wood's death back in 2011. In 2012, Wood's death certificate was officially changed to indicate that her drowning was the result of "undetermined factors."

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