Ariana Grande: Photo of Singer Being "Carried Like a Baby" Surfaces Online!

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Rumors about Ariana Grande's diva behavior have been circulating for months, but a report that surfaced yesterday seemed so ridiculous that we were fairly certain there was no truth behind it.

Well, let no one say we're not big enough to admit when we're wrong. Absurd as it may seem, here's a photo of Ariana Grande being carried like a baby:

Ariana Grande: Carried Like a Baby

This story originated with a staffer's claim that Ari's "new rule" is that she be carried whenever she doesn't feel like walking.

Grande's publicist was reached for comment, and replied, "That claim is ridiculous and laughable."

So it was that much sweeter when just hours later, Jezebel found the above photo on Ari's own Instagram page!

Naturally, this discovery has led to plenty of jokes at Ariana's expense, including suggestions that she suffers from some rare Benjamin Button-esque disorder that will have her crooning her sultry ballads through a teething ring by the end of 2015.

(Okay, we may have made that one up, but feel free to spread the rumor.)

There's still some debate as to whether or not this is the height of Grande's ridiculous diva-dom.

After all, this is the girl that wished death upon her fans after they dared to request an autograph. 

In any event, at this point the girl better go on to become a living legend to shame the likes of Mariah and Madonna, otherwise this behavior will just serve as a hilarious footnote during some VH1 "Where are they now?" special.

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