Wendy Williams on Britney Spears & Charlie Ebersol: Fame Whore Alert!

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Wendy Williams thinks Britney Spears' new beau Charlie Ebersol, with whom she went public recently, may be a toxic influence she's slipping under.

The talk show host was chatting with the Huffington Post and was asked about Charlie Ebersol and Britney Spears, who confirmed their new romance.

"I saw," the comedienne said disapprovingly of their selfie.

"People were saying it's too soon," she added of the couple. "Britney's been with him for three weeks. I'm chalking this up to her being a girl, soft and pink."

Williams said she gets where Spears is coming from, but that the pop star needs to be more careful about flaunting her love life on Twitter and Instagram.

"Here's where she needs to grow up and perhaps think twice about stuff like that, because she's got kids," she said of the mom of two sons, Jayden and Sean.

"When I was 34, I was still able to make stupid decisions."

Williams' real issue, though, is Spears' new man, a producer-writer and the son of NBC exec Dick Ebersol and Kate and Allie actress Susan Saint James.

"Here's what I thought -- it's not just about Britney putting it up. Charlie put it up also!" she exclaimed in her interview. "Excuse me, I smell an opportunist."

Maybe so, but not the way you might think out of the gate.

One rumor circulating this week said that Britney's dad Jamie Spears set them up as part of a reality show deal. In any case, Wendy is not enthralled.

"I understand he's an Ebersol, and that means moola, but everybody these days wants to be a celebrity. And being a celebrity and having money are two different things."

"I think that Charlie's an opportunist. Why? Because he put it up on his own Instagram. It wasn't just Britney being soft and cute. Charlie put it up too."

"Men do fall, I think in a different way, but I don't anticipate this relationship lasting very much longer," she argued when asked of Ebersol was just being sweet too.

"Here's the thing. Britney - I say this with love - Britney's got a tic. She's got issues. And after a while, guys aren't going to want to deal with that. She's got issues."

The soon-to-be 33-year-old Spears, for her part, has confirmed the relationship with Ebersol, but has remained mostly quiet on the details for now.

Think it'll last? Or will this list soon become 18 exes ...

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