Veterans Day 2014: See 19 Celebrities Who Served Our Country With Pride

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When you think of celebrities, you think of glitz, glamor, luxury and larger than life personas, not people who humbly put the needs of others before their own.

On Veterans Day 2014, we're taking a look at why this isn't always the case ...

More famous faces than you might think have served in the United States military, protecting our great nation and never forgetting where they came from.

On this Veterans Day, we pay tribute to 19 of them, past and present, who joined the armed forces before embarking on the career paths we know.

Some saw combat, while others served as journalists or in other capacities.

All felt the call to serve, and what better occasion than this holiday than to thank them for taking up that cause so that our way of life remains sacrosanct.

So check out the gallery above. Some of those who made the list will undoubtedly surprise many fellow Americans, while other famous veterans may not.

Happy Veterans Day to all who have fought and served the U.S.A.!

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