Ty Herndon, Country Music Star, Comes Out as Gay

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Ty Herndon has come out as gay.

The singer opened up this week to People magazine about his sexuality, saying he realized he was gay many years ago and now “it’s time to tell my truth.”

And what is that truth? 

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“I’m an out, proud and happy gay man," Herndon says, adding that he told his parents back during his 20s and:

“My mother probably knew I was gay before I did. I remember sitting down with her and having the conversation.”

The Nashville artist was arrested in 1995 for exposing himself to a police office and also spend time in rehab for a substance abuse problem.

"I have made a lot of mistakes in my life. They've been my mistakes, and I own them," says Herndon. "I've done a lot of work around forgiveness with people that I've hurt and people I've not been honest with because of my sexuality."

About four years ago, country artist Chely Wright also came out as gay.

Herndon says he’s in a serious relationship with a partner named Matt and that he’s trying to reconcile his Christian faith with his homosexuality.

"I sit on the tailgate of my pickup truck, and I meditate, and I talk to God," he says. "That's really all I need to know. I have a connection to something bigger than myself, and no one's going to tell me that I can't have it. We get to choose who we love, and that includes God, and he loves us back."

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