Taylor Swift: Makeup-Free For Wonderland Magazine!

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Okay, so in all likelihood, Taylor is rocking a "natural" look and is isn't actually 100 percent makeup free, still she's almost unrecognizable on this magazine cover.

Check her out on the new issue of Wonderland ...

Taylor Swift: Wonderland Magazine Photo

Maybe it's because we've become so accustomed to the sight of a glammed-up Taylor over the years, but this pic reminds us of the pop princess' humble roots.

Hard as it is to believe nowadays, music's It Girl of the moment started out as an awkward, somewhat gangly country balladeer from rural Pennsylvania.

It may seem like Taylor just sat for a quick bare-faced session with a magazine that's virtually unheard of stateside, but like everything she does these days, this may have been part of a carefully coordinated effort to allow the singer to maintain control over her public image:

Taylor was photobombed by her dad while celebrating the release of her album. She mercilessly made fun of herself in her new "Blank Space" music video ...

She's aware that now that she's officially at the top of the pop game, that means challenges - ones most people would kill for, but challenges just the same.

Most notably, it'll be more difficult than ever for her to maintain that relatable, accessible quality that helps inspire such obsessive devotion from her fans.

Ironically, she may need to go the extra mile to maintain her laid-back girl-next-door image.

Sometimes that means taking herself down a peg before the press does it for her.

In this case, it means posing for a stripped-down photo shoot to remind her fans that she doesn't wake up red carpet-ready...and remind her haters that she's naturally gorgeous.

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