Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 1 Episode 9 Recap: Mommy and Daddy Issues Galore

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Compared to some of the real-life events surrounding the cast members, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 1 Episode 9 on VH1 seemed almost tame.

That doesn't mean there wasn't plenty of drama to go around, of course.

When Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 1 Episode 9 got underway, Nikki confronts Masika about the photo shoot and the fact that she's on the billboard.

Of course, Nikki is still upset with Teairra for working with Yung Berg, and Teairra repeats that she has nothing to do with the producer known as Hitmaka.

None of 'em will have much to do with him on the show soon enough, as Yung Berg got fired for his allegedly brutal assault on Masika just last week.

But for now, they argue, words are exchanged, and so it goes.

Nikki later says that Masika seems to have an obsession with her, as she’s up on every move she makes. Her mom then whips out Masika’s mug shots.

Amanda, meanwhile, tells Drew about another fight - between herself and Moniece - and gets upset when he doesn’t step up to the plate to get her back.

Moniece lectures Drew about Amanda’s unsuitability as a mother figure, and says she doesn't Amanda telling her that her feelings as a mother don’t matter.

At the same time, Apryl and Omarion talk about the mom factor, but this time it's hers. In need of a storyline, she decides they need a heart to heart.

Soulja Boy and Nia talk about her dad’s opinion on their romance, and whether it can survive when he goes on tour. She'll wait for him, but reluctantly.

If you watch Love and Hip Hop Hollywood online, you know Ray J and his plate, and the stress of being Ray J recently culminated in his hotel arrest.

Yung Berg brings up working with Teairra Mari again, and Ray J talks about the meeting they had when she showed up at the studio to talk to him.

Ray J later learns he only has to go to anger management and probation, which is a huge relief, as it could have been worse. He vows to get it together.

Teairra Mari takes Nikki out on the town and tells her she has invited a third person ... who Nikki thinks is going to be a blind date until Masika surfaces.

Teairra wants them to talk it out and move on. Nikki tells Masika she can promote the strip club because at the end of the day, she’s making her richer.

As for the real root of their issues - Mally Mall - he's the elephant in the room here. They can dance around it all they want, but it comes back to Mally Mall.

Apryl’s water breaks and the whole family is downstairs, but the couple decides don’t want anyone else in the same room as them besides the midwife.

Ray J talks to his dad about his rage issues and relationship difficulties. His dad tells him that even though it's hard, Teairra can’t help how she feels.

Ray’s mom likes Teairra and Ray admits he feels bad because he has done things to Teairra out of spite. He needs to go back to her and get redemption.

The man also was the root of a Princess Love and Morgan Hardman fight, as we know, so he might get started making amends sooner rather than later.

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