Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 1 Episode 8 Recap: Dissed, Dismissed and Then Some

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Monday on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 1 Episode 8, Hazel decided it was about time to lay the smack down on Masika when it comes to Yung Berg.

How did that turn out for her? What were the rest of the crew up to?

When Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 1 Episode 8 got underway, Yung Berg set up a meeting for him and Teairra to celebrate their mix being done.

Teairra Mari is stoked about the song, but is less thrilled about the fact that Berg and Hazel have been in contact behind her back. Uh oh, y'all.

Hazel tells Masika what happened. They discuss for awhile.

Meanwhile, Fizz learns that Amanda is cheating again after seeing her with another man, and confronts her. They have it out but she does apologize.

Teairra and Nikki talk about Masika and Mally, who Nikki says lied to her and needs to move on. Nikki then invites Teairra to the big billboard unveiling party.

Fizz says it's hard to find someone to be with in life who really understands his situation. He talks to Moniece about their communication issues.

Masika meets up with Berg to talk about Hazel. They argue for a bit but end their talk with an Instagram photo in which she is on his lap, getting kissed.

While this is going on, Ray J meets up with Princess to talk about his arrest, which has been one of the big stories of the season thus far on VH1.

If you watch Love & Hip Hop Hollywood online, you know Ray's love life is a complicated mess. She tells him he needs to stop drinking so damn much.

He says that's not why things went down this way.

Amanda is upset about her separation from Drew and finds it extremely disrespectful that all this has happened in the few days they have been apart.

He tells her she has a lot to prove. Or something.

Before the billboard unveiling party, Hazel confronts Masika about the Instagram photos with Berg. Masika says half the pics were before Hazel knew Berg.

Masika asks if she cares more about the pictures on friggin' Instagram or the fact that Berg doesn’t want her. She tells Hazel that she is delusional.

Moniece, getting on Amanda’s last nerve, texts her to meet up. Since Drew is not with her, she has no idea why, but decides to be nice and show up.

She tells Amanda she is concerned about her commitment issues, telling her that every time she breaks up with Drew she also breaks up with the kid.

Amanda says Moniece doesn’t take care of Cameron on a daily basis and what does she know. Moniece then lunges across the table, coming at Amanda.

Security escorts her out. So it goes.

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