Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 1 Episode 10 Recap: Who's Gossip Girl?! Who's PREGNANT?!

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Monday night on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 1 Episode 10, romance took a back seat to gossip as the drama heated up between several couples.

The new episode found Nia dropping a bombshell that could impact her relationship with Soulja Boy forever, while Teairra exposed secrets about Ray J.

On Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 1 Episode 10, it wasn't just romantic relationships that were in the spotlight. Think mommy issues on steroids.

Apryl, Omarion and Leslie, for the 10th time in as many episodes, discuss one of their moms. Apryl claims that her mother was never there for her.

Later, she meets with her mother and asks a variety of questions about her childhood, how she was raised, and where things stand between them.

Her mom ... basically doesn't say anything. So there's that.

Meanwhile, aside from that filler, Masika Tucker and Yung Berg were in the studio laying down a new track when he asks her to be his date to the white party.

Masika accepts, and they go as a couple, which would be sweet if we didn't know he allegedly assaults her after the reunion show and gets fired.

Anyway, Hazel is also in attendance at the party. Uh oh.

After Masika debuts her song, Hazel confronts Yung Berg over the fact that he gave the song to Masika, but he's not fazed by the altercation. On the contrary.

Later, Masika and Berg agree to a "real" relationship.

Also at the white party, Ray J finally, after all this time, apologizes to Teairra for the hurt he's caused her and doing and saying things to her out of spite.

The detente is short-lived, however, once Teairra reveals private info about Ray J and Princess Love, which he assumes Morgan Hardman blabbed about.

Ray J confronts Morgan, and it's gonna get ugly.

Lastly, when you watch Love and Hip Hop Hollywood online this week, prepare for a pregnancy bombshell, as Nia finds out she's expecting a baby.

OMG. Now all she has to do is tell Soulja Boy.

Unfortunately, he is surrounded by his peeps and unwilling to give her a moment in private to discuss this life altering revelation ... and then, the unthinkable:

She has a miscarriage while he's on the road.

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