Lorde on Instagram: I'm 18 Now! Check Out My Boobs!

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Even though she's a teenage pop star, Lorde has never used sexuality to sell her music, like so many of her peers.

In fact, the young Ms. Ella Marija Yelich-O'Connor (the stage name was probably good call) has been openly critical of young artists who make revealing music videos and social media pages in order to draw attention to themselves.

So needless to say, we were a bit surprised to see the singer upload her first bra selfie earlier this week:

Lorde Bra Photo

Granted, it's pretty tame, especially compared to what so many young celebs post on their Instagram pages, but this is the same Lorde who slammed Selena Gomez as "anti-feminist" for her overly-sexual lyrics.

Lorde turned 18 last week, and while we hardly think the milestone signaled the start of a racier stage in her career (at least we hope it didn't), we have noticed that the "Royals" songstress has been acting a bit more "grown up" on social media recently:

First, Lorde accused Diplo of having a "tiny penis," thus kicking off a feud that continues to get weirder by the day.

After that, Lorde praised Kim Kardashian's nude photos, which apparently didn't strike her as anti-feminist because she's friends with Kanye and shut up, okay?

Anyway, as much as Lorde wants Kim K. to adopt her (seriously), we hope going forward she'll continue to take cues from her "role model" Taylor Swift and focus on slaying the charts instead of stripping down.

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