Kylie Jenner: Pantsless on Instagram! How is This Legal?!

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As you probably know, Kylie Jenner is obsessed with Instagram.

It sounds harmless, and there are certainly worse things a kid her age could be obsessed with, but Kylie's insatiable need for the Internet's attention has led to some seriously questionable behavior.

Last week, there was the Kylie cleavage photo that led to rumors the 17-year-old had gotten breast implants.

This week, Kylie is calling her followers' attention to the bottom half of her body.

Kylie Jenner: No Pants Pic

Okay, so maybe she's not quite pantsless, but whatever that is that she's wearing, it covers about as much of her legs as a long shirt would.

Again, this is the sort of thing that will be mostly fine in ten months when Kylie is an adult who's legally allowed to expose herself however she sees fit.

In the meantime, someone should probably step in and put a stop to this. We're looking at you, Kris Jenner.

Worse than any inappropriate selfie, however, is the fact that Kylie is dating Tyga - a rapper who turns 25 on Wednesday.

So maybe Kris just figures she has bigger problems to deal with. After all, pantsless photos being posted in a public forum probably seems like small potatoes when your high school-age daughter is going out with a dude in his mid-twenties.

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