Kylie Jenner Kisses French Montana on Instagram: Cute or Creepy?

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Last week, we learned that French Montana and Khloe Kardashian are back together

French was recently on hand for Kendall Jenner's 19th birthday party, and he reportedly spent much of the night chatting with Khloe's many famous siblings.

Yesterday, the the D-list rapper turned 30, and Khloe wasn't the only to wish French a happy birthday:

Kylie Jenner, French Montana Photo

Kylie Jenner posted that pic to Instagram along with a caption reading simply, "Happy bday." Yes, their mouths are mighty close for  a teenager and a 30-year-old man, but that's just the beginning of the creepiness:

For one thing, French is dating Kylie's sister!!! French and Khloe just got back together after some major infidelity issues.

The rumored cause of their split was the fact that French cheated on Khloe with a slew of college girls during his latest tour. Needless to say, it's not the greatest time for French to be posing for kissy-face photos with Khloe's 17-year-old sis.

Come to think of it, it's never a good time for that. 

Then there are the rumors that Kylie is dating Tyga. Despite the mountain of evidence that it's really happening, Kylie has denied the relationship because...well, she's 17, and Tyga turns 25 next week. 

So that's yet another reason why Kylie probably shouldn't be getting close with a different inappropriately-aged rapper, thus demonstrating to the world that she has no boundaries when it comes to that sort of thing. 

We can't help but wonder how Khloe and Tyga reacted to this uncomfortable pic. It's pretty tame by the standards of Kylie's Instagram page, but deeply troubling nonetheless.

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