Kitten Tries to Meow, Internet Tries Not to Melt Down in Response

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Over the past several weeks, we've posted many videos of cats trying to attempt certain actions.

There was the cat who tried to catch some bass while listening to music. Then, there was the cat who tried to jump through a window.

And who could forget about the cat who tried to nap on a watermelon?

But of all thee failed feline attempts, none can hold a cute candle to the following footage, which features a kitten sitting on the shoulder of its owner. As if that's not adorable enough...

... the kitten tries to very hard to meow!

Does it get any more AWWWW-inspiring? We didn't think so.

Sit back and watch the video as many times as you'd like (we've certainly done so) and then check out the greatest cat photos of all-time below:

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