Kendra on Top Season 3 Episode 8 & 9 Recap: What Would Hugh Hefner Do?!

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Last night's Kendra on Top Season 3 Episode 8 and Episode 9, airing back to back on WEtv, showed Kendra Wilkinson struggling to come to grips with ... well, life.

Considering what Hank Baskett did with Ava London, that's a tall order.

There was a lot of Kendra crying to go around, along with some thoroughly manufactured storylines to kill time as she reached out to the other men in her life.

Kicking things off on Kendra on Top Season 3 Episode 8 was an appearance by Hugh Hefner, her "boyfriend" back in the day and an expert on relationships.

Kendra, somehow brought her two young kids with her to the Playboy mansion, asked the man who made her famous what she should do about Hank.

After some deep thinking, Hef processed this as best he could.

He offered Wilkinson advice, talking about second chances and positing that it sounds like Hank was set up, a theory Kendra has espoused in recent weeks.

Hugh doesn't deny that Hank "f--ked up" (or that the whole situation is), but says "everyone deserves a second chance,” and he speaks from experience.

He certainly gave one to Crystal Harris, and he's happy now.

Hef also encouraged Kendra to call her dad, who she had not spoken to in forever and not even seen in the past 20 years, and who is now in Costa Rica.

Cue forced Kendra on Top Season 3 Episode 9 storyline!

Is she ready to see him? Will he disappoint her again, as her mom Patti tends to whenever Kendra needs filler for her show and extends that olive branch?

Not sure she can answer those questions herself, but Kendra uses the Internet to find her dad, her web search is successful and they talk over the phone.

Kendra hasn’t seen Eric since she was a kid, making it even more strange that he says he watched her life unfold in the tabloids but never reached out.

But hey, Eric invites Kendra to visit him in Costa Rica.

More on that trip (which she does make) in the coming weeks. Now it's time for more pressing matters, as Kendra visits cheating Hank at his apartment.

She grills him uncomfortably on fetishes and women with penises, asking if he went to cheat on her and only realized it was a transsexual after ...

You know. Not surprisingly, Hank ain't talkin' about it.

All he has to say is that he's devoted to her and wants her back, and she agrees to let him live at the house again, but make no mistake, it is NOT fine:

"We’re not married," she says. “I’m not your wife.”

Clearly, those things will have to come with time ... like when they renew their vows on Marriage Boot Camp. Yes, that supposedly happened this week.

As always, you can watch Kendra on Top online to see all of this gut-wrenching, emotional drama play out with your own eyes, and comment below:

Do you believe Hank was set up? Should she take him back? Did Hef read cue cards the entire time or just most of the time? Is any of this possibly real?

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