Kendall Jenner Goes Public with Burn Book, Calls Out Haters

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Kendall Jenner has gone all Mean Girls on her critics.

The half-sister of Khloe, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian has filmed a video for Dazed magazine in which she takes a literal page from that beloved comedy.

In the following footage, we see Kendall jotting down insults from her critics, such as those who think she's only a model due to her family connections and those who think she once "made out with a hot dog."

It's a pretty creative way of getting back at the haters, we must admit. Take a look now:

Kendall Jenner will never be a real model... Kendall Jenner is a spoiled brat... Kendall Jenner is ugly, evil and greedy... It’s crazy to think North West can already read better than Kendall Jenner.

Do you agree with these disses? Do you think Kendall has only succeeded in the fashion industry to her last name? 

And/or do you give Kendall props for responding to the criticism in this manner?

And could you ever imagine Kim Kardashian doing anything remotely this original? We must hand it to Kendall for actually showing some kind of personality here.

We still wish she wouldn't show so much skin here, however: 

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