Katerina Netolicka Dead: Czech Model, Face of Prada and L'Oreal, Was 26

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Katerina Netolicka, a Czech model who has appeared as a cover girl for Prada and L'Oreal, among other high profile brands, has been found dead.

She was 26.

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Her two dogs were also found dead along with her in the model's apartment in the Czech Republic. She was discovered by her brother, reports indicate.

Katerina Netolicka shared the apartment with ice hockey player boyfriend of five years Jakub Petruzalek, 29, who was out of the country at the time.

The model's body was discovered after she failed to answer her brother's calls and he became increasing worried. He decided to go over in person.

After going to the apartment and failing to get an answer when he knocked, he broke the door down and found the model and her two pets also dead.

The model, who began her career ten years ago, was a woman of many talents and also known for winning this year's Czech Championships in kickboxing.

She was also prone to depression and had a history of self-harm, however.

A fellow model who lived with her in New York seven years ago said of Katerina: "Sometimes she acted like two totally different people lived inside her."

"One minute she was very happy, almost ecstatic. Then sometimes depressed and used to self-harm. I really don't know what could have happened."

"Maybe she got a spasm after kickbox training, maybe it was a stroke. I know she had stopped self-harming and was very happy with her boyfriend."

In any case, her family, friends and fans are in mourning Friday.

Her official Facebook post was updated by someone who broke the bad news: "I'm sorry to let you know this terrible news. Kate has left this world."

"Our thoughts and prayers are with your family and friends."

Police spokeswoman Lumila Svetlakova said the cause of death is unknown but an autopsy has been requested. In a brief statement, the police said:

"The body of young woman was found in Litvinov's district of Hamr. The cause of death is at this moment unknown and we have requested an autopsy."


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