Justin Bieber Unveils Fourth Fragrance, Aims to Make "Personal Connection" with Fans

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You may never be able to make the sort of personal connection with Justin Bieber that Selena Gomez can make on a nightly basis. Sorrt to break it to you.

But the artist has come out with his four fragrance (in just five years) with one goal in mind: YOU.

Justin Bieber Instagram Still

Speaking of Collector’s Edition with People Magazine, Bieber said he aims "give something really personal” to Beliebers around the nation with this scent, explaining:

"It’s all about the personal connection I have with my fans."

The Collector’s Edition bottle (which is available at Target) is shaped similarly to Justin's previous fragrance, The Key. Take a look here to see what we mean:

Bieber fragrance

Like all of Bieber’s other perfumes, Collector’s Edition "comes with a charm on the bottle with a personal message." Sure to speed up the heartbeat of all who purchase it, this one reads:

“You’re all that matters to me -JB.”

The fragrance is a fruity mix of juicy pear and passion fruit, along with florals such as honeysuckle and freesia.

And in case you're wondering whether or not you ought to even wear perfume, consider: Justin Bieber will find you more attractive if you do.

“You can tell when a woman feels confident by the way she carries herself, and I think fragrance has a lot to do with it,” Bieber tells People. “Collector’s Edition is meant to make my fans feel good. It has an amazing energy to it. When a woman feels good, she looks good."

Justin, of course, is far from the only celebrity who has lent his or her name/image to a bottle of perfume. To wit:

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