Justin Bieber: Turning to Religion to Turn His Life Around?

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Hey, have you noticed?

The celebrity gossip world is a little less cute and a little less scandalous these days.

That's because Justin Bieber hasn't really been in the news, with the exception of outside parties wondering whether or not he's dating Selena Gomez at the moment.

Another Justin Bieber Selfie

But Bieber hasn't been arrested in months. The cops haven't been called to his home for any parties. Heck, he hasn't even told any bodyguards to beat up any cameraman.

What gives?!?

According to TMZ sources, Bieber has been hanging out in Rancho Mirage outside Palm Springs, exiling himself there from friends, alcohol, marijuana and women.

He's dedicating himself for two solid weeks to the works of God, though it's unclear if he'll actually become a proselytizer.

Still, cameras did recently catch The Biebs with the book “Occupy All Streets” by his side. This tome teaches one how to spread the Lord’s word and resist bad temptations.

Bieber, of course, has never been shy about his religion.

He has a tattoo of Jesus Christ on his calf and he was baptized this summer in a New York City bathtub.

Plus, come on. Did you click through those photos above of Justin Bieber shirtless? If those aren't evidence of a higher power, we don't know what could be.

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