Jessa Duggar-Ben Seewald Wedding Sex Story: Was It All a Hoax?

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Yesterday, it was reported that 19 Kids and Counting stars Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald were caught having sex at their wedding reception.

The story, which went viral for obvious reasons, came from a conservative Christian blog called My Life as a Stay at Home Wife and Mother.

Most of the details about Jessa and Ben being caught in some sort of "act of lust" by a shocked Jinger Duggar came from a comment posted from a woman who goes by the name of Mary B.

Now, it's being widely reported that the Stay at Home Wife blog is actually a satire site, even though none of the author's previous posts give any indication of that.

Sure, much of the content on the site is ridiculous.

Would we expect anything else from the woman who apparently rushed home from Jessa and Ben's wedding to tell Internet how much she disapproved of the ceremony, though?

In any event, Mary B. has since posted another comment detailing the guests and wedding party's reactions to whatever it is that went down between Ben and Jessa:

"[Jinger Duggar] only opened the door about 6 inches before realizing what was going on. Ben needs to be a better leader and not allow Jessa to be led away by temptation."

"This was so disappointing and the talk of the reception."

It should be noted that there's no way of confirming if the Stay at Home Wife or Mary B. were one of the 1,000 people in attendance at the wedding.

They both expressed their confusion over Jessa and Ben's refusal to kiss during the ceremony, and made accurate statements about details of the reception.

They could've obtained that information any number of ways, however.

Of course, regardless of what actually went down in that church closet or whatever it was, there's one thing that most of us can surely agree on:

After more than a year of abstaining from everything but hand holding and side-hugs, those two were certainly entitled to get it any way they can.

As always, you can watch 19 Kids and Counting online to relive Jessa and Ben's road to the altar!

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