Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald Make-Out Next to Josh and Anna Duggar: Cute or Creepy?

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It's been just over a week since the Jessa Duggar-Ben Seewald wedding, and judging by Jessa's Instagram account the young couple is fully enjoying married life.

First we had the now-famous Jessa and Ben kiss photo. Then we had the super weird Michelle and Jim Bob reenactment of Jessa and Ben's kiss.

Yes, it seems this whole family is big on public displays of affection, and considering they're not allowed to touch another member of the opposite sex until they get hitched, who could blame them?

That said, we'd like to suggest that Michelle and Jim Bob institute a new family rule stipulating that makeout sessions be kept to separate rooms:

Jessa and Ben, Anna and Josh Duggar Kiss

On the right are Jessa and Ben. On the left is Jessa's older brother Josh sucking face with his wife Anna.

It's not, like, incestuous or anything, but it's more than a little weird.

What kind of reality show is this, anyway? We expect to see the Situation and Pauly D gettin' freaky in the same room, but the Duggar kids? WWJBD, y'all? (What would Jim Bob Do?)

Anyway, it's important to remember that Jessa and Ben are very newly hitched. We'll allow her a couple more weeks of being obnoxiously cutesy with her new husband on Instagram, then it's right back to posting fundamentalist conspiracy theories, young lady.

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