Happy Veterans Day: Stars Salute the Troops on Twitter

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Today marks one of the most important holidays of the year.

It's Veterans Day, an occasion to remember those who have fought for our freedom in the past and those who are doing so right at this very moment.

And, in honor of the holiday, celebrities across all industries have taken to Twitter and expressed their deepest gratitude to those on the front lines.

Here is a sampling of what various actors, actresses and singers have written for Veterans Day 2014:

Channing Tatum: Happy Veterans Day! Don’t forget to honor to the true heroes. Not just today, but every day.

Zac Efron: To the men and women who preserve our freedom, THANK YOU. #HappyVeteransDay.

Sarah Michelle Gellar: To everyone that has served their country, and to all the people that care and support them #HappyVeteransDay.

Michelle Monaghan: Happy Veterans Day to all the soldiers   and their families. Thank you for your sacrifices and your courage. We owe you one. #VetsRising.

Harry Connick Jr.: great honor and deep gratitude to all who have served...  #VeteransDay.

Octavia Spencer: Here's to all of the #Veterans for your contributions in keeping this nation safe and free!!!! #HonorOurVets.

Connie Britton: Veterans I hope you feel the gratitude of this country every day & today it's just a little louder. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE AND SACRIFICE.

Jimmy Kimmel: sincere thanks to the men and women who served our country then and now #HappyVeteransDay.

Susan Sarandon: Let's remember the men & women who served in the Armed Forces, especially those coming home from war who need jobs & housing. #VeteransDay.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson: On #VeteransDay I remember when my dad came to a BBQ proudly wearing his naval whites & out of all the guests a bird chose MY dad to poop on.

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