Happy 19th Birthday, Kendall Jenner!

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Kendall Jenner turns 19 years old today.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has come a long way since turning 18, walking the runway in New York City and Paris and truly becoming a big deal in the modeling world.

Due to her famous last name? Not according to Kendall.

She has said multiple times that her connection to a former sex tape star who often poses naked (we're looking at you, Kim Kardashian) has actually had a negative affect on her career.

She's had to work extra hard to be taken seriously and has even dropped her last name when it comes to the modeling industry. Just refer to her as Kendall now, please.

We somehow doubt Kendall's pre-established fame has actually hurt her modeling aspirations, but we do admire the teenager for wanting to make it on her own merits.

We'd just appreciate a slightly fewer naked Instagram pictures going forward. She is still just 19 years old.

But today is a day of celebration, not criticism.

So here's to the birthday gal and her 26 million (!!!!!!!!!) social media followers. Send along your best wishes and see how she's built up such a fan base via the following fun gallery:

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