Frozen-Breaking Bad Mash-Up Asks the Question: Do You Want to Build a Meth Lab?

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Disney's animated smash Frozen has inspired scores of amazing mash-ups in the past.

We've already enjoyed the random hilarity of Frozen combined with Fifty Shades of Grey and the disturbing awesomeness of Queen Elsa joining the cast of Game of Thrones, but the latest pairing of snowmen and psychopaths might be the most bleakly brilliant yet.

An ingenious team of animators has re-imagined one of Frozen's most memorable tunes as an ode to a different kind of ice, and naturally they cast everyone's favorite meth kingpin in the role of Anna:

Never before have we felt so much sympathy for Heisenberg's lonely plight. The poor guy just wants his buddy to help him churn out some primo product!

The most impressive thing about this clip (aside from the spot-on Aaron Paul impression) might be the way it finds unexpected laughs in some of Breaking Bad's darkest scenes and most memorable deaths.

So yeah, spoiler alert if you haven't yet experienced the adventures of Walt and Jesse in their entirety yet. (But seriously, if not, what are you waiting for?!)

Don't be surprised if this catchy melody gets stuck in your head all over again, but be warned that belting out the lyrics could earn you a visit from the DEA.

Oh, and speaking of the combination of Frozen and inappropriately adult content, remember Queen Elsa look-alike Anna Faith Carlson? Yeah, she's still super hot:

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