Farrah Abraham Puts Austin Mansion Up For Sale: She's Asking HOW MUCH?!

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At this point in her career, Farrah Abraham has so many revenue streams she probably couldn't even give you a ballpark figure on how much she's worth.

Farrah sells sex toys (sometimes while dressed as a Disney character), she's a porn sex tape star, and she claims to have authored both erotica and Christian parenting books.

Christian Farrah Abraham

Oh, and of course Farrah's stripper salary topped half a million dollars this year.

Needless to say, she's doing alright for herself, so it's not surprising that she's movin' on up and leaving her humble home behind.

And by "humble," we mean the $750,000 mansion in Austin that Farrah put up for sale last week.

Yes, the Teen Mom star is asking 750 grand for her 4 bedroom former model home, claiming she's more than doubled its value through improvements.

Clearly, Ms. Abraham is having a little trouble finding buyers, however, as she's already dropped her asking price by 30 thousand.

There's no word yet on if Farrah already has a new crib, but she may have some difficulty finding an upscale neighborhood that will be accepting of her lifestyle.

In addition to the fact that she's devoted herself entirely to sex work these days, Farrah is dating Mikey P from VH1's Dating Naked. 

So yeah, rich folks in the suburbs might not be too thrilled by the prospect of living next to people who take off their clothes for a living.

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