Duggar Trouble: Thousands Sign Petition to Have 19 Kids and Counting CANCELED!

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Last week, the Duggar family was involved in a surprising controversy as the result of a request that Jim Bob and Michele made on their Facebook page.

The Duggars asked for married couples to send in photos of themselves kissing, which was seemingly harmless and sweet, until it produced an unintended result.

Shortly thereafter, they were accused of deleting pics posted by interracial or same sex couples.

Michelle and Jim Bob defended their decision to remove photos they deem offensive, claiming that they "stand for truth and values" and will continue to do so "without compromise."

Unfortunately for them, life in the spotlight is easier for those who are willing to compromise.

The Duggar family's firm stance on issues such as gay rights and interracial marriage may soon cost them their long-running TLC reality series, if critics have their way.

An online petition titled, "End LGBTQ Fear Mongering By the Duggars" is being circulated with the goal of convincing the network to cancel 19 Kids and Counting

The petition has received nearly 6,000 signatures since it began circulating in September, many of which seem to be the result of the Duggars' most recent controversy.

It's not just about Facebook kissing photos, however. The petition's creator accuses the Duggars of contributing "massive amounts of money" to discriminatory initiatives.

Critics claim the family wants to repeal a law that "prohibits business owners and landlords from unjustly firing or evicting someone based on their sexual orientation."

The Duggars have yet to respond to the allegations made in the petition. Time will tell if you they will continue standing up for their "truth," and whether TLC cares.

As always, you can watch 19 Kids and Counting online at TV Fanatic to decide for yourself if the Duggars are dangerous, then tell us below in the comments:

Should TLC cancel the show because of the Duggars' views?

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