Ariana Grande: Diva Rumors Back in Full Force Thanks to Nickelodeon Contract Reveal!

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Pop star Ariana Grande's alleged diva ways are the subject of another tabloid report after an old Nickelodeon contract of hers was reportedly obtained.

Ariana Grande: The Diva?

Ariana, who got her big break on the show Victorious, was a diva in training even back before most people knew her name, the new report claims.

Life & Style claims her contract spelled out that her dressing room must be superior to that of all the other stars on the show, except for the "marquee" stars.

Apparently, Victoria Justice was big enough to meet that standard. But the rest of the hacks on that show? Step OFF and bow down to the HBIC!

In response to the frequent Ariana Grande diva rumors, the 21-year-old recently defended herself and implied that she's just a hard worker, stating:

"There’s a big difference between being determined and being a bitch."

Anybody buying that? Is she a victim of tabloid exaggerations and lies?

While her "Bang Bang" collaborator Jessie J defended Grande along similar lines, others such as E! host Giuliana Rancic say the rumors are true.

As a woman in the industry, you have to be tough to getahead. We do understand this, but there's also a point in which that line can be clearly crossed.

Does Ariana do it? Is she just "strong" or a straight-up diva monster?

It's not clear. But her contract was reportedly an issue with Sam & Cat, her successful Victorious spinoff with Jennette McCurdy that Nick canceled.

Time will tell if Grande is really such a horror to deal with, and if that impacts her career like it has for some other famous divas, such as Katherine Heigl.

Hopefully it's all just talk. But we are starting to wonder a little.

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