Amanda Bynes: Caleb Pusey is My Gay Best Friend, I'm Hiding My Boyfriend From the Press!

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Another day, another clear indication that Amanda Bynes is in desperate need of round-the-clock psychiatric care.

Back in October, Amanda claimed to be engaged to a 19-year-old SoCal baitshop employee named Caleb.

The media quickly determined that she must be talking about Caleb Pusey - a young man who perfectly fits the description who Amanda met during a recent rehab stint.

Amanda Bynes Has a Doll Face

Yesterday, however, Bynes slammed Pusey (tee-hee) on Twitter, tweeting that he's "not a good person," and accusing the press of getting its facts wrong. (Apparently, she was talking about some other 19-year-old Costa Mesa baitshop employee named Caleb.)

But just like when Amanda changed her story after falsely accusing her father of sexual abuse, she did a complete 180 late last night and her informed her millions of followers that she and Caleb are total besties:

"Caleb is gay so him saying that he is not engaged to me makes me sick," Amanda tweeted. "Caleb is stunning and I luv him like a gay best friend."

"I'm flattered that he assumed I was talking about him because he's drop dead gorgeous but he and i hadn't talked in months."

"I was talking about my boyfriend who i don't talk to the press about because he's not famous and I'm in love with him because he's mine."

Hey, maybe Amanda is telling the truth this time and she's really in love. Or maybe she'll go back to being "engaged" to Caleb again tomorrow.

Sadly it's probably not the former, as Bynes claimed to be single just two days ago.

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