19 Kids and Counting Season 14 Episode 15 Recap: Jessa Duggar Gets ENGAGED!

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Last week's unforgettable episode of 19 Kids and Counting saw Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard tie the knot in front of 1,000 guests their native Arkansas.

Fittingly, TLC pivoted to Jill's younger sister Jessa Duggar and her engagement this week in the wonderful 19 Kids and Counting Season 14 Episode 15.

The installment, fittingly titled "Jessa's Engagement," took fans behind the scenes as Ben Seewald planned out a magical proposal for his soon-to-be bride.

Not unlike Jill's wedding episode, this was one we were looking forward to, especially since Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald married just last weekend.

They didn't waste much time after his proposal, which took place in August on the 11-month anniversary of when the two began courting each other.

The first thing you'll see when you sit down and watch 19 Kids and Counting online is how sweet Ben was in putting all this together for his beloved Jessa.

First, we see Ben ask for Jim Bob and Michelle‘s blessing, as the patriarch hesitates and says it is vital that the two work together in the  Lord’s name.

He also reminds young Ben, who is only 19 years old (Jessa is 21) that it’s critical as a man to be financially responsible for his wife and family.

Jim Bob does give his blessing, however, and Ben enlists her sisters Jinger Duggar, Jana Duggar and Joy Anna Duggar to plan a scavenger hunt proposal!

Step one is a romantic dinner date at the restaurant where they shared their first date. Obviously, both sets of parents are also on hand for this part.

Ben also gave Jessa a gift, to be opened later but already revealed as "the first clue to the rest of her life." Element of surprise? Not a huge priority here.

That said, the present, opened the next morning, was a recording in which he tells Jessa where to go next for her scavenger hunt clue: the airplane hangar.

There, John David Duggar is waiting to fly her to Hot Springs, Ark., Ben’s hometown. John David flew her down there the first time that she went!

In Hot Springs, Jessa and chaperone Jinger Duggar are driven to more destinations, such as mini-golf, a trolley ride, a rose collection, and then a train ride.

While this is going on, Ben is getting ready to propose. Fortunately, he's got Jana Duggar with him to help iron his shirt and do his hair for him.

One train ride and outfit change later, Jessa is whisked away to the last stop on this romantic scavenger hunt: Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs.

Inside the church, there is Ben, standing below the altar in what looks like a stunning venue, with candles and rose petals to set the mood for the big moment.

“Jessa Lauren, will you marry me?” Seewald asks his girlfriend, sweetly.

She says yes, and they break courtship rules by hugging FULL FRONTAL. Hey, after a day like that, how could she not get totally carried away?!

Her tears said it as they walked out of the chapel hand in hand - only permitted after engagement - and the family begins to giggle with excitement.

Well done, Ben and all the Duggars who helped him. Very well done.

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