Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 25 Recap: All Growed Up Before Our Eyes

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Kailyn was emotionally reunited with Isaac, while that derelict of society Adam went to jail for the umpteenth time on Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 25.

Meanwhile, tension is still high between Leah Messer and Corey Simms, while Jenelle Evans tries convincing Barbara Evans to finally let Jace go.

As mature as we've ever seen her, Jenelle sits down for a discussion with her mom and her son's guardian about Barbara giving Jenelle custody.

Nathan Griffith comes along for support, and while he fears Babs will come at him again, she responds well to Jenelle's calm, measured speech.

Of course, when the topic turns to Nathan's drinking, Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 25 takes a turn for the dramatic and he storms out of the room.

Fortunately, this didn't derail anything, as Barbara tearfully agrees to give Jace back to Jenelle after his next school year ends. So next summer.

She chokes up as she thinks about saying goodbye to Jace, as if she were abandoning him as Jenelle did, but at the same time is proud of Jenelle.

Babs admits she thought her daughter would be dead right now, but instead she is thriving, and deserves to transition back to getting full custody.

Keep up the good work, Jenelle ... but we don't recommend Evans smoking while breastfeeding her baby son Kaiser. Not helping your cause, bae.

Speaking of custody discussions, Leah Messer invites Miranda Patterson, Corey Simms' new wife, to one of Ali’s therapy appointments in good faith.

That way she and Corey can see that she really is taking them as promised. Then good news for all: Little Ali’s wheelchair has finally been approved!

The doctor tells Leah and Miranda that Ali should be able to keep walking for 15-25 years, which Leah grasps but Miranda is seemingly crushed by.

Could she be living in denial just as much as Corey, who tells Leah he wants the best for the girls, but doesn't listen to her or think she can do the job?

Bottom line, Corey says, he wants more time with the girls and more of a say. Whether it's custody or visiting more, he wants to help raise them.

Not a lot Leah can say to refute that (she doesn't). Down in Pennsylvania, Jo is still really pissed about Kailyn Lowry's racist comments about Isaac's hair.

Jo and Kailyn sit down to discuss the incident, at which point he blindsides Kailyn about what other thoughts she's polluting his head with about race.

Kailyn gets defensive, and maybe he was looking for a reaction, but she walked into this one. Her husband, Javi Marroquin, has her back, however.

Javi, who is also Hispanic, says Kailyn isn't a racist, but it's still weighing on her. Much like Adam Lind always casts a pall over Chelsea Houska.

She's doing her best to leave him behind this week, though, as she agrees to go speed dating with hilarious results. Not romantic results, but hilarious.

Then the jarring end to another season. When you watch Teen Mom 2 online, brace yourself because when Chelsea goes to pick up her Aubree?

She finds out that Adam is back in jail. Again. She and her father Randy plan to visit a lawyer and change the limitations on their visitation agreement.

Chelsea wants a curfew for Adam when he has Aubree, and make sure he's not driving a car with her. Dude is pretty much the pits, we gotta say.

What did you think of Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 25? Whose storyline are you most invested in? Who are you most annoyed at? Hit the comments!

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