Teacher Shares 15-Year-Old Student's Bikini Pics at School Assembly to Prove Point Re: Social Media

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A teacher reportedly took his desire to prove a point about the risks of social media to new heights, shaming a 15-year-old student in epic fashion.

The instructor allegedly took it upon himself to cyber-stalk one particular teenage girl, find bikini pictures of her, and showing them to her classmates.

A hundred of her classmates. At a school assembly.

A Bikini Girl

That's right. A teacher went onto a student's Facebook page, grabbed a picture of her in a bikini, and then humiliated her with it in front of her peers.

The victim's mom has filed complaints. Shocking.

Her parents want justice from Eggbuckland Community College's head teacher, the board of governors, and England's Office for Standards in Education.

The mom said, "She's really upset and hurt and this has knocked her confidence, She's not the type of girl who likes attention like this ... she's a tomboy."

"She doesn't wear make-up and she doesn't even have her ears pierced," she said, noting with irony that "it's not often you even get her in a bikini."

The school apologized on behalf of the teacher who engaged in the public shaming, but still appeared to defend the point of the assembly itself.

"This was an error of judgment," the school said in a statement, adding that "the member of staff had not intended to cause any embarrassment."

"She wanted to illustrate how freely available images are, through the internet. We are really sorry for the way in which this important message was delivered."

Mmmkay. Call us crazy, but ...

How is blindsiding a 15-year-old girl with a photo you took off her Facebook account and showing the entire school not designed to cause embarrassment?!

Just curious. Please, do tell.

Obviously, people should be careful what they put online, but if the teacher really cared about this kid, she would have noted this example in private.

We all laugh at parents humiliating kids on Facebook in harmless ways, and at some of the Facebook fails that have become legendary on the Internet.

This is too far, though. Too far.

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