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Taylor Swift is on pace to sell over one million copies of her new album.

But while the artist looks ahead to that milestone, she can take pride in one she accomplished this morning:

According to Robin Roberts, Swift’s concert in Times Square today was the biggest ever held by Good Morning America, with countless fans camping out over night just to ensure themselves of a spot in the audience.

Taylor Swift Performs on GMA

Aside from hearing live versions of "Shake it Off,” “Welcome to New York,” and “Out of the Woods," viewers were treated to an exciting announcement fro the 24-year old superstar.

"I am gonna be going out on tour very soon!" she exclaimed. "We’re in the early stages of planning the actual show. I’m excited about announcing things when I can announce them, but it’s going to be happening."


The tour, of course, will feature new material from the album "1989."

Swift has been everywhere in promotion of her new music.

She closed down Hollywood Boulevard for a concert on Jimmy Kimmel Live. She is covering numerous magazines. She even appeared on The Voice this week.

Taylor Swift overload? It doesn’t appear that way. The singer is more popular than ever before.