Snoop Dogg SLAMS Iggy Azalea in Frightening Video Message! Watch Now!

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The Snoop Dogg-Iggy Azalea feud got even uglier last night after Snoop uploaded a video threat to his Instagram page.

"Say b-tch," the rapper begins. "You're f--king with the wrong n-gga. And your n-gga better check you before I do. Funky b-tch. Yeah you. F--king c--t."

The video is the latest shot fired in the a war that began when Snoop posted a photo of a what appeared to be an albino woman with cornrows, along with a caption reading, "Iggy Azalea no make up."

Iggy responded civilly, tweeting her confusion at being attacked by a fellow rapper who had professed to be a fan of hers in the past.

Snoop's crew got involved, threatening to sic Nicki Minaj on Iggy, and that's when things really began to get ugly. 

Along with her boyfriend - LA Lakers guard Nick Young - Iggy slammed Snoop on social media with a photo diss that brought to mind Snoop's initial salvo.

That apparently inspired Snoop to record the clip above, which he posted with a caption reading, "Last one til she speak now shut da f-ck up ubitchu."

Needless to say, things escalated rapidly. Hopefully one of these two will record a diss track soon to settle things the old fashioned way, rather than continuing to lamely tear each other down on social media.

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