Snoop Dogg on Iggy Azalea: Stupis Ass B-tch!

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As you've probably heard, a feud between Iggy Azalea and Snoop Dogg got downright ugly earlier this month.

It all started when Snoop posted an "Iggy Azalea no makeup" photo to Instagram that was intended to rile the Aussie rapper up.

It worked; things escalated quickly, and within a day, Snoop was threatening Iggy's life in frightening online videos.

Then, just as quickly as things got out of hand, everything seemed to settle down.

At the behest of fellow rapper T.I. Snoop apologized to Iggy and it looked as though the beef was officially squashed. Until now:

Yes, when asked today if he'd consider collaborating with Iggy at some point, Snoop went full aggressive a-hole in his response:

"I ain' f--kin' with youuuu," Snoop sang. "You stupid ass b-tch, I ain't f--king with you!"

Granted, Snoop was quoting a Big Sean lyric, but still - he could have just politely declined, like Iggy did when asked the same question.

And just like that, it looks like the beef is back.

We thought Snoop's video apology seemed pretty insincere, but we figured the uneasy peace accord would at least last a few weeks.

Our suggestion for the second round is that these two actually make like rappers and record some diss tracks, rather than just sniping at each other on social media like they did the first time.

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